Live and dance the Argentine Tango

Gisela and Sergio will introduce you and make you discover all the particularities of the Argentine Tango. With their long years’ experience they will make you love this dance.
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MILONGA With Gisela & Sergio

…Tomá una copa, sentáte con tus amigos y cabecea tu primera tanda … 

SUNDAY 1st of OCT. 2023

La Tricoterie – Rue Théodore Verhaegen 158 – 1060 St. Gilles – Bruxelles

  • 18h-23h Salon Tango DJ Gisela

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MILONGA With Gisela & Sergio 

SATURDAY 23th of SEPT. 2023

Pianofabriek – 35 Rue du Fort, 1060 Bxl

  • 16h15-17h30 Practica7 guidée
  • 17h30 Salon Tango

All the information about our courses & milongas in AGENDA

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Stage Tango 19 au 26 août 2023
Vaison-la-Romaine Haute-Provence France

The workshop takes place in Vaison-la-Romaine, known for its rich Roman remains as well as for its medieval city and its cathedral.

Course of the workshop:

During the day: Workshops
In the evening: Milonga with DJ


Accommodation at the hotel in the center of the city: double room

Food and beverage 3/4 pension:

Breakfast at the hotel
Afternoon snack at the hotel at 4 o’clock
Evening meals: in different restaurants in the city

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Discover the life of Gisela and Sergio

From South America to Europe, Gisela and Sergio travelled to develop their artistic career.
This book traces their life up to Tango under different artistic influences: Ballet Teatro San Martin Argentina, Mime with Marcel Marceau, Mudra with Maurice Béjart, Folies Bérgère Paris, Meeting with Jorge Donn, Tango Gomina creation and more adventures.

Available in 5 languages: Spanish, French, English, German and Dutch.
To order the first album, please contact

Tango salon Gisela and Sergio

Tango is an unpredictable face-to-face between a man and a woman, a unique and privileged moment, a spontaneous dialogue in a game for two, full of tenderness and violence; a solemn challenge to our creativity. Our work is dedicated to finding this tango, where two bodies are united in space. They seem to float while they move together in harmony, intense and timeless, and finally appear to blend in the same perception of the rythm and the music.

― Text from Gisela Graef-Marino