Who are we ?

Tango is :

an unpredictable face-to-face between a man and a woman
a unique and privileged moment
a spontaneous dialogue in a game for two, full of tenderness and violence ; a solemn challenge to our creativity.


Our work is dedicated to finding this tango, where two bodies are united in space. They seem to float while they move together in harmony, intense and timeless, and finally appear to blend in the same perception 
of the rythm and the music. 


Text : Gisela Graef- Marino

From 1995 onwards they have developed a style based on the quest for harmony, fluidity, sensuality and balance.

1995-97: touring in Europe with “Gomina”. 1998-2005: film Tango with the “Grand Orchestre of Juan José Mosalini”, then world tour (USA, Canada). Choreographers and dansers in “Tango, la elegia de quienes ya no estàn”, “Maria de Buenos Aires”, with “I Flamminghi” and “Solisten van Vlaanderen”. Soloists in many shows: Sexteto Veritango, Buenos Aires, Tango Ensemble, Quintet Tiempo Sur, Tanguisimo and Piacevole. 2001: Festival “Buenos Aires Tango”, Paris (Palais de Chaillot). In 1997, they founded the association “Estacion Tango” and created their own school in Brussels. As teachers and dansers in Europe and in the USA, they will celebrate 11 years of a shared quest in April 2006.

Ever since they met in 1995, they developed a style founded on a quest for harmony, the expression of fluidity. They organise their research around the notions of harmony, sensuality and balance.

From 1995 to 1997, they went on tour with the “Gomina” band across Europe.
In 1998 they performed in the film Tango of Juan José Mosalini (Meyer Production), which led onto numerous tours abroad (Switzerland, Turkey).

From 1998 to 2004, they went on a world tour with the “Grand Orchestre de Juan José Mosalini”:

• in France (Dunkerque, “Le Bateau-feu”, May 2002)
• in Switzerland (Muttenz, “Festival Tango vivo”, January 1998)
• in Germany (Blumenhof Festival, September 2000)
• in Turkey
• in the USA (Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, and in Canada).

Their talents as choreographers and dancers were also very well received in Tango, la elegia de quienes ya no estan, accompanied by the Flanders orchestra “I Flamminghi and Solisten Van Vlaanderen”. The show was produced in The Netherlands and Belgium.

From 2000 to 2004, they worked as dancers and choreographers for the show María de Buenos Aires, staged at the Ghent theater by Rudolph Werthen with the Flanders orchestra “I Flamminghi and Solisten Van Vlaanderen”, with whom they went on a tour in Israel and in London.

They also went on tour with same show with the Juan José Mosalini’s orchestra in Greece, Italy, Germany and France (Avignon, Opéra-Théâtre, March 2004)

From 1998 to 2005, they were invited as soloists by various ensembles :

• Juan José Mosalini’s orchestra – Brussels
(Palais des Beaux-Arts, 1998)
• Sexteto Veritango – Denmark, Germany
(Bensheim, 1998)
• Buenos Aires Tango Ensemble – Germany
( “Altstadtfest”, 1999)
• Quintet Tiempo Sur – France
(Ville d’Avray, February 2002)
• Tanguísimo – France
(Boulogne, February 2003)
• Piacevole – Brussels
(Flagey Theater, October 2005)

They were also invited to take part in :

• the “Buenos Aires Tango” Festival from 04 to 27 May 2001 in Paris (Palais de Chaillot)
• the “Noche de la Pasión” in Belgium (Ghent, 1996, 2000)
• the 5th Festival of Montpellier Tangosud ( 2006)
• the 2nd Tango Festival in Brussels (2006)

In 1997 they founded their association “Brussel Tango”, which later became “Estación Tango” as well as their own tango school in Brussels.

They are invited to teach tango all across Europe, North Africa and the United States.